If you want to help others, you must be able to give to you first. You know that oxygen mask in the airplane, yep, same exact thing. Self care is the most important thing you can do, to be able to truly be of service. You have to learn the most effective areas to spend your time when running your business and fueling yourself, so you are constantly fresh, full of ideas and creativity, and able to fully be present with your clients. Our mind will trick us into thinking we are being lazy, or silly for wanting to take rest from time to time…big mistake. What happens when we don’t properly take care of ourselves, is when we actually reach our big break, we are barely able to sustain it.¬†¬†Think about the people you have seen achieve massive success to completely blow it in one form or another shortly thereafter. Know why? Our bodies are NOT invincible. If you disrespect your body, you will pay for it, and not on your timeline. And this can then lead to a mental blow up, a physical blow up, or complete withdrawal and depression after working so hard to make it.

If you learn where to spend your time effectively, and how to make yourself a priority and to recognize the high value resource that you are… you will raise the level of service that your clients receive, cause a fulfilled person, who is constantly giving to him or herself, can do a much more fulfilling job with increased ease and brilliance on each project. Win win for everyone!

As a former workaholic, I learned this skill the hard way. One day I was so utterly exhausted I could not tell if my body was on the floor, or if it was my energetic body that felt dropped down on the floor. It was scary how exhausted I was, and how checked out of reality I had become. I HAD to learn to prioritize me, and as a result, I now have much more time for myself and much more value for my hour. And I know who to say yes to, and who to say NO to, cause I value myself. Some clients/partnerships/jobs are not really in alignment with the legacy you are creating into, and will drain you. As one of my mentors, Dr. Jeff Spencer says, a short term choice that is a bad long term choice is no choice at all. You must learn to value your time and be a yes to you. Be a YES to YOU, and only then can you truly serve others.
Know this. YOU ARE DEEPLY WORTHY OF A LIFE YOU LOVE…free from convention. And you are worthy of being able to actually create enough space so that you can enjoy the life you worked so hard to create for yourself, your family, and the world.