Catching Huge Breaks and How to Sustain Them

What happens when you believe in yourself radically is you will meet great opportunities. What happens after that is what really counts.

Now while someone can guide you to a breakthrough, and you can even be lucky enough to catch one on your own, how you are aligned inside is what will determine if you can achieve lasting success or not.

One of my former clients was contacted by Men’s Health Magazine for samples of her product before her product was even officially for sale online. She had her business dream for 5 years, and in the midst of it all she was been dealing with some unbelievably heavy health issues, and had been in and out of surgery, but interest kept soaring with her energy being aligned with my coaching, with over 200 people in the last few months contacting her to not just try this product, they want to be able to buy it as well.The included interest from the military who thought it could be used as a military food. Imagine what a huge base that would have been for her. I told her to take in all this interest as LOVE, love for her work, her radical vision that has been 5 years in the making, and to let this love assist her in healing from her latest surgery.

I also warned her that she was coming up against some really damaging limiting thoughts that needed to be managed and cleared with me, or else her hard work would go to bust.

She didn’t want to listen, she wanted to grind away and force herself to the top.

Well she lost the deal, because of an angry email she wrote out from a place of mental breakdown. I cried for 3 days. She was so close, and I knew exactly how to stop the train from wrecking but she wouldn’t listen. I didn’t lose those contacts, they loved me. But for her, how do you recover when you put something in writing like that?

This actually ended up being a blessing in a way for me, because it taught me the importance of only working with clients who are willing to do the inner alignment so when they reach their top, they can sustain it, and not implode on everyone around them.

A simple willingness from her to heed my crystal clear advice and she would be on top on the world right now. And this is why I am so clear on who I will work with and who I won’t.

I know how to embrace radical miracles and prepare you for massive success. Are you ready?